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Privacy Policy

The essential functions and activities of the National Institute of Early Childhood Development (‘NIEC’) are organising, developing and conducting pre-service and in-service training courses in early childhood care and education, herein together with other related services collectively called ‘Services’.


NIEC respects the confidentiality of the personal data of all individuals, be it our course applicants, students, lecturers or staff, and is committed to safeguarding the personal data that are collected from them and other sources. Please read this personal data protection policy (’Policy’) to learn more about the ways and the purposes for which we collect, use and disclose your personal data.


1. About the Policy

1.1  The Policy is based on Singapore Personal Data Protection Act 2012 (‘PDPA’), associated regulations and advisory guidelines of the Personal Data Protection Commission of Singapore.


1.2   By providing us with your personal data, visiting our website and using any of its functions and contents, including transmitting and storing any personal data, you will be deemed to have agreed to all the terms of the Policy; and you further represent that you are at least eighteen (18) years old and have read, understood and accepted the terms of the Policy. In the event that you are below eighteen (18) years of age, you confirm that you have your parent’s or legal guardian’s consent to visit our website and use our Services.


2. Collection, use and disclosure of personal data

2.1   We collect your personal data when you use our website and Services, request for access to our campuses, practicum premises, and in your interaction with us.


2.2  The personal data that we may collect are those provided by you. This may be done through our website, over the phone, by email, in person or when you meet our staff, partners, and representatives.


2.3  The personal data that we may collect include:

(i)  your contact information, name, residential and email addresses, birth date, and telephone number;

(ii)   citizenship, country of birth and 

(iii)  others (provided on request).


2.4  The personal data may be required to enable us to process specific matters such as PSEA/SSG/WSG/Salary Support Funding claims, MOE Capitation Grant, ECDA PET (Enhanced Internship Programme), Practicum Center allocation, bursary and means testing (a full list will be provided upon your enrolment if you are a course applicant).


2.5   Other likely use of your personal data includes:

  • processing any applications or requests,
  • for daily operation and delivery of the Services,
  • conducting identity checks,
  • collecting and recovering fees and amounts due,
  • complying with regulatory requirements,
  • disclosing to related party and third-party service providers,
  • investigating fraud and misconduct,
  • responding and sharing information with government and public agencies,
  • carrying out market research and,
  • organising welcome and graduation ceremonies, and
  • others (provided on request).


2.6   Other likely disclosure of your personal data, includes:

  • to associated organisations and affiliates,
  • to persons and companies acting for us,
  • to financial institutions, charge and credit card companies, and
  • to others (provided on request).


3. Consent to collect, use and disclose

3.1  Generally, we seek consent before we collect, use or disclose any of your personal data. A lot of time, however, we rely on the following modes provided by the PDPA that allow us to collect, use and disclose without the need to seek your written or oral consent:

(i)  by ‘deemed consent’, where:

    1. the personal data is provided by you voluntarily for a particular purpose known to you, 
    2. it is necessary to perform a contractual transaction with you, or
    3. we inform you of an intended purpose and you do not come back by a given time to tell us that you do not want us to do so; and 

(ii)  by ‘exempted consent’, where it is for:

    1. evaluating your eligibility, qualification and suitability for the course and position that you have applied for,
    2. a legitimate interest of NIEC or another interested party,
    3. carrying out research on subjects relating to our Services,
    4. improving the quality and delivery of our Services, or
    5. others (provided on request).


4. Cookies

4.1  When you visit our website, we may assign your computer one or more “cookies”. By accessing our website, you agree that we can place cookies on your device.


4.2  A cookie is a small text file that contains information that can later be read by us to facilitate your access to our website, gather statistical data, and personalise your online experience.


4.3  We currently use cookies on our website for purposes including, but not limited to, detecting your web browser’s multimedia capabilities, tracking promotional advertisements that we have displayed to you and providing a unique identifier to your computer so that we can generate statistics regarding your website usage.


4.4     We use cookies to improve your experience using the website and to improve the efficacy of our Services. We have carefully chosen these cookies and had taken steps to ensure that your privacy is protected and respected at all times.


4.5   Most browsers automatically accept cookies, but you can modify your browser setting to decline cookies. Generally, you can remove these cookies by following directions provided in your Internet browser’s “help” file. If you choose not to allow us to place a cookie on your computer, you may be restricted from some Services and some of the interactive features offered on our website may be similarly restricted or rendered inoperable.


5. Marketing Communications

5.1  By using our website and Services you consent to the use of your contact personal data for the purpose of NIEC sending you marketing communication related to the Services.


5.2  You may withdraw your consent in accordance with the procedure set out in clause 6 below.


6. Withdrawal of consent

6.1  You may request to withdraw your given and deemed consent to the use, disclosure of your personal data at any time. You may do so by contacting us at


6.2  Please allow at least five (5) calendar days for your request to be processed.


6.3  Please note that the use and disclosure of most of your personal data is necessary for us to provide you with the Services you requested and should you withdraw your consent to the use and disclosure of any of your essential personal data, NIEC may not be able to continue providing the required Services to you.


7. Access and correction of personal data

7.1   If you wish to access, update or otherwise change any personal data that we have of you, please contact us at:


7.2   All requests for correction or for access to your personal data must be in writing. We will endeavour to respond to your request within  five(5) calendar days, and if that is not possible, we will inform you of the required time.


8. Accuracy of personal data

NIEC keeps your personal data as accurate, complete and up-to-date. Where required, we will validate your personal data using generally accepted practices and guidelines. This includes request to see original documentation before we use and disclose the personal data.


9. Protection of Personal Data

9.1   NIEC protects personal data against loss, theft, unauthorised access, disclosure, copying, use and modification with security safeguards appropriate to the sensitivity of the personal data.


9.2   We use various methods to safeguard, including:

  • physical measures to lock up filing cabinets, restrict access to offices and security systems
  • technical measures in the use of passwords and encryption
  • administrative measures in employing confidentiality agreements, security clearances, staff training, and limiting access on a need-to-know basis


9.3    Online security is also a priority for us. NIEC incorporates security measures such as encryption and authentication tools to protect personal data from unauthorised use and access.


10. Retention of Personal Data

NIEC will retain your personal data only for as long as the purposes for which such they are collected, used and disclosed and necessary for our legal and business purposes. Thereafter, NIEC will delete and destroy them, or remove the means by which the personal data can be associated with you.


11. Complaints

We take our compliance and your complaint seriously, if you wish to voice and share your unhappiness with the way your personal data is handled, do let us know as we have a process to receive, hear and respond to your concern. We study all complaints in a timely manner. We will first acknowledge your complaint and after we have completed our study, we will respond to your complaint within 2 weeks.


12. Change to Policy

We reserve the right to modify and change this Policy at any time. If we make any material changes to it we will post them on this webpage. We encourage you to review this webpage periodically to keep updated on our policy regarding the collection, use and disclosure of your personal data.


13. Contact Us

If you have any questions or feedback relating to our Policy or wish to contact us for any reason, you can contact us via the following channels:


You may also write to our Data Protection Officer as follows:

Data Protection Officer
National Institute of Early Childhood Development
1 Nanyang Walk NIE 5-B2-06
Singapore 637616



国立幼儿培育教育学院(National Institute of Early Childhood Development, 英文简称为NIEC,华文简称为“国立幼教学院”)的基本职能和活动是组织、开发和开展幼儿保育与教育方面的职前和在职培训课程及其相关服务,这些工作和活动在此统称为 “服务”。




1. 关于本 “个人资料保护政策"

1.1 本 “个人资料保护政策” 是以新加坡政府于2012年颁布的《个人资料保护法令》(PDPA),以及新加坡个人资料保护委员会的相关法规和咨询指南为基础而编写的。


1.2 当您向我们提供您的个人资料、访问我们的网站以及使用其任何功能和内容,包括转发和存储任何个人资料时,您将被视为已同意本政策的所有条款,同时您也声明您已年满十八岁并且已阅读、理解并接受本政策的条款。 如果您未满十八岁,您也确认您已获得父母或法定监护人的同意才访问我们的网站并使用我们的服务。


2. 个人资料的收集、使用和披露

2.1 我们将在您使用我们的网站和服务、要求访问我们的校园、实习场所,以及与我们互动时收集您的个人资料。


2.2 我们所要收集的个人资料是您提供的。这些资料可能是通过我们的网站、电话沟通、电子邮件或当您跟我们的员工、合作伙伴和代表会晤时获得的。


2.3 我们可能收集的个人资料包括:

(i) 您的联系方式,包括姓名、居住地址和电子邮箱、出生日期和电话号码;

(ii) 国籍、出生地和

(iii) 其他(应要求提供)。


2.4 我们也将收集您的其他个人资料,以让我们能够处理特定的事务。例如申请 “中学后延续教育户口” (PSEA)、新加坡精深技能发展局(SSG)、劳动力发展局(WSG)或工资的补助索偿,教育部的个人补助金、幼儿培育署(ECDA)的职前培训课程 (PET)之强化实习计划,以及教育实习中心分配、助学金和经济状况调查等(如果您申请参加培训课程,我们将在您报名时提供个人资料的完整列表)。


2.5 您的个人资料的其他可能用途包括:

  • 处理各种事务的申请或请求;
  • 用于学院的日常运营和服务工作;
  • 进行学生身份的检查;
  • 收取各种费用和追回应付的金额;
  • 遵守监管的要求;
  • 披露所需资料给相关方和第三方服务提供商;
  • 调查欺骗和不当的行为;
  • 回应和提供政府和公共机构所需的信息;
  • 进行市场调查;
  • 组织迎新会和毕业典礼,以及
  • 其他(根据需要提供)。


2.6 其他可能披露您个人资料的机构还包括:

  • 相关组织和附属机构;
  • 代表我们处理事务的个人和公司;
  • 金融机构、签账卡和信用卡公司,以及
  • 其他人(根据需要提供)。


3. 同意收集、使用和披露

一般情况下,我们在收集、使用或披露您的任何个人资料之前会征求您的同意。 然而,多数时候我们是根据《个人资料保护法令》( PDPA)的要求,如以下的两种方式来收集、使用和披露您的个人资料,因此无需征求您的书面或口头的同意,例如:

(i) “视为同意”,其中包括:

    1. 个人资料是在您已知特定目的情况下而自愿提供的;
    2. 有必要与您签署协议,或者
    3. 我们已告知您使用资料的目的,但您没有在规定的时间内回复并告知我们您不希望我们这样做; 和

(ii) “豁免同意”,其目的是:

    1. 评估您对所申请的课程和职位的资格、学历和适合性;
    2. 国立幼教学院或其他相关方的合法利益的考量;
    3. 进行与我院服务相关主题的研究;
    4. 提高我院的服务质量,或者
    5. 其他(根据需要提供)。


4. Cookies (收集个体浏览网站信息的小文件)

4.1 当您访问我们的网站时,我们可能会向您的电脑分配一个或多个“cookie”。 访问我们的网站即表示您同意我们可以在您的设备上放置 cookie。


4.2 Cookie 是一个小型文本文件,其中包含我们可以读取的信息,以方便我们提示您浏览我们网站的信息、收集您所需的资料和提升您个人的在线体验。


4.3 目前,我们在网站上使用 cookie 的目的包括但不限于检测您的网络浏览器的多媒体功能、跟踪我们向您展示的特别广告,以及向您的电脑提供一个标识符,以便我们生成有关您使用网站的数据。


4.4 我们使用 cookie 来改善您使用网站的体验并提高我们服务的效率。我们精心选择了这些 cookie,并采取措施确保您的隐私始终受到保护和尊重。


4.5 大多数浏览器自动接受cookie,但您可以修改浏览器设置以拒绝cookie。 一般上,您可以按照互联网浏览器的“帮助”文件中提供的说明删除这些 cookie。如果您选择不允许我们在您的电脑上放置 cookie,您浏览网站上所提供的某些服务可能会受到限制,此外,我们网站上提供的某些互动功能可能也会受到限制或无法操作。


5. 营销沟通

5.1 当您在使用我们的网站和服务时,即您同意国立幼教学院使用您的个人联系资料,以便我们向您发送与我院服务相关的信息。


5.2 您可以按照下文第6条规定的说明撤回您的同意。


6. 撤回同意

6.1  您可以随时要求撤回您对使用、披露您的个人资料所给予的同意。若有此要求,请发送邮件至 与我们联系。


6.2 请给予至少五日的时间以让我们处理您的请求。


6.3 请注意,为了向您提供您所请求的服务,使用和披露您的大部分个人资料是必要的,如果您撤回对使用和披露您的任何重要个人资料的同意,国立幼教学院可能无法继续向您提供所需的服务。


7. 查询和更正个人资料

7.1  如果您希望查询、更新或以其他方式更改我们拥有的您的任何个人资料,请通过以下电子邮箱与我们联系


7.2 所有查询或更正您的个人资料的请求必须以书面形式提出。我们将尽力在五日内回应您的请求。如果无法在五日内回应,我们将通知您所需的时间。


8. 个人资料的准确性

国立幼教学院(NIEC)会确保您的个人资料是准确、完整和最新的。 如果需要,我们将使用普遍上人们都接受的做法和指导原则来验证您的个人资料,包括在我们使用和披露您的个人资料之前要求查看原始文件。


9. 个人资料的保护

9.1 国立幼教学院(NIEC)会通过采用适合维护敏感性个人资料的安全措施来保护个人资料免遭丢失、被盗,以及未经授权的查询、披露、复制、使用和修改。


9.2 我们采用多种方法来维护这些资料,包括:

  • 使用上锁的文件柜、限制进入办公室和安全系统的物理安全措施
  • 使用密码和加密的措施
  • 采用保密协议、安全使用资料的程序、员工培训和以必要性为基础限制查询资料的行政措施


9.3 在线安全也是我们的首要任务。国立幼教学院(NIEC)采用加密和身份验证工具等安全措施来保护所有的个人资料免遭未经授权的使用和查询。


10. 个人资料的保留



11. 投诉



12. 政策变更

我们保留随时修改和变更本“个人资料保护政策”的权利。 如果我们对其进行任何重大更改,我们会将其发布在此网页上。 我们鼓励您定期查看此网页,以随时了解我们有关收集、使用和披露您的个人资料的政策。


13. 联系我们




Data Protection Officer
National Institute of Early Childhood Development
1 Nanyang Walk NIE 5-B2-06
Singapore 637616