We are launching a slew of new courses that will help you create more inclusive learning environments for the little ones, who may have special or added needs. Learn more about the courses below.


Certificate in Inclusive Practice (CIP)

CIP will equip Diploma-trained early childhood (EC) educators with additional knowledge and skills to work with children with developmental needs included in the regular EC settings. The course comprises 7 modules, subdivided into 3 clusters. You may apply for this course as:

  • 3 Skills-Based Modular Courses (SBMCs) [Clusters A, B and C] OR
  • 7 singular SBMC units [7 modules] OR
  • A full qualification.

Each SBMC or SBMC unit will be stackable towards the full qualification. By completing all 3 SBMCs or 7 singular SBMC units, you will be able to attain the full Certificate. Please note that the full qualification will only be available in 2022.


Upcoming intake(s): Jun 2021 (Cluster A), Sep 2021 (Cluster B) & Dec 2021 (Cluster C)

CIP Cluster A is now open for application. Apply here.


Specialist Diploma in Early Childhood Intervention (Special Needs) (SDESN)

SDESN provides upgrading opportunities for teachers from the Early Intervention Programme for Infant and Children (EIPIC) Centres and other early childhood settings, such as integrated childcare programmes that wish to enhance their capabilities to support young children with special needs.


Upcoming intake(s): Oct 2021

Learn more and register your interest here.


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