Hey Educators,

Do you know – it is alright to feel the way you do? What’s important is to be aware of your feelings. Likewise, helping children to recognise and regulate their emotions are important and you have an important role to play in helping achieve that!

Wanna know how? 
Join us for our Naptime Webinar this 17 June!

“Can I borrow your R.U.L.E.R?”
by Dr. Yvonne Chan, Senior Lecturer, NIEC (City) Campus

After the session, you will:

  1. Understand the importance of regulating emotions and how to do it well
  2. Acquire the skills to help children establish relationships and make responsible decisions.
  3. Use the R.U.L.E.R strategy to design your learning experiences and help support the development of Social & Emotional Learning in children


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Come explore the world of emotions with us and clock in your CPD hours while at it!